Ice Fishing Lake Of The Woods in Ontario - Ice Fish for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, Northern Pike, Crappie, and Lake Trout Fishing.
Ice Fishing Lake Of The Woods in Ontario
Ice Fishing Lake Of The Woods in Ontario
Ice Fishing Lake Of The Woods in Ontario

Lake of the Woods is the walleye ice fishing capital of the world.

Ice Fishing Lake Of The Woods in Ontario
Ice Fishing at Sunset Cove Resort, Nestor Falls Ontario, Canada

Ice Fishing Lake Of The Woods in Northern Ontario

Our GPS -  49 degrees 07'41.43" N   93 degrees 55'51.65" W



Ice Fishing Lake Of The Woods in Ontario
Ice Fishing on Lake of the Woods
Ice Fishing Lake Of The Woods in Ontario

Sunset Cove Resort » is booking ICE FISHING Accommodations NOW . . . . . . Ask about our Ice Fishing SPECIALS . . . Call 1-888-484-2192

Long noted for it's superb ice fishing for walleye, crappie and other species of freshwater fish, Sunset Cove Resort is now open for snowmobilers and ice fishing enthusiasts.

Why spend the winter stuck inside when you can simply hop on your snowmobile and go to a resort that knows all about winter and winter ice fishing.

We have spent our entire lifetime in this area and know it well, plus we listen to what our guests have to say both in how the fishing IS and what they are looking for when it comes to a winter ice fishing retreat.

--Now that we have all that information we have decided to open for winter operations.

--Our cabins are bright, warm and offer every convenience one might need for a housekeeping plan resort.

Ice Fishing Lake Of The Woods in Ontario

We are located right off Hwy 71 in the town of Nestor Falls.  Our resort is located right on Lake of the Woods in the Sabaskong Bay area - which is snowmobile trail #L601.  The trail runs right in front of our resort.

Ice Fishing Lake Of The Woods in Ontario

$90.00 USD per night based on double occupancy
$45.00 USD by each additional person per night

Check in time anytime after 10:00 a.m. unless otherwise approved in advance for earlier check in, check out time 12:00 Noon unless approved prior in advance for a later check out time

Housekeeping : Our cabins rentals are totally furnished including modern bathrooms, gas heating and cooking, all linens, dishes - towels, pots and pans, coffee maker (we furnish the filters), toaster, microwave, full size refrigerator, Satellite t.v. with you own receiver and remote.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call toll free: 1-888-484-2192.

Ice Fishing Lake Of The Woods in Ontario

Sunset Cove Resort, located in Sabaskong Bay on Lake of the Woods, is a small family owned and operated resort. We offer 6 modern housekeeping cabins each with a commanding view of Lake of the Woods.

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Ice Fishing - An Exciting Alternative!

By Nancy Batson

Winter is on the way so here is some timely information on ice fishing.

Ice fishing is a specialized form of fishing that you can expect to see in colder parts of the world including Alaska, Great Lakes region, Canada, Sweden, and Russia.

Ice fishing involves cutting a hole into a frozen body of water with a spear, auger, or axe. Once a hole has been cut, fishermen either sit on stools or erect little cabins called ‘ice shanties’ that can be heated in order to fish for longer periods of time. Ice fishing can be done in a day or over several days depending on how long a person wants to fish.

For fishermen that enjoy spear fishing in winter months it is important to ensure that the ice fishing tent is tall enough and has enough room to allow standing and movement. Hexagonal tents are often the best for this ice fishing. A lot of tents fold down into backpack sized packages, complete with arm straps for easy handling. Larger ice fishing tents may be packed and moved on ice fishing sleds.

There are three ways to ice fish:

· Spear fishing In this method, fishermen stand above the hole and wait for fish to smell the decoy they have set up. When the fish surfaces, the fishermen will spear the fish.

· Light fishing This is done using a small fishing rod and lure. Once a fish has been baited, the fisherman pulls in the line using their hands instead of a reel.

· ‘Tip-ups’ Using a flag as an indicator, the fishermen set up lines around the hole with bait and leave them. When the flag starts bouncing they pull the lines in to see what has been caught.

Using sonar equipment, fishermen are able to see where the heaviest fish activity is under the ice so they can set up camp closer to them. Underwater cameras are also used to see where the fish are.

This form of fishing is different from other types because the methods are so different. This form of fishing is more about waiting for the fish than trying to bait them using casting skills.

Types of fish that can be caught include: trout, crappie, and lake sturgeon. There is a danger to this type of fishing, however. Setting up camp on weak spots in the ice could cause an accident or even death.

So, bundle up and enjoy an ice fishing outing this winter.

Still looking for information on Ice Fishing? Check out a website specializing in consumer fishing information!